Select from the list:
  1. Create a New File for a Trust

  2. Add Bank Account to Inventory

  3. Add Stock to Inventory

  4. Add Accrued Dividend to Inventory

  5. Add Real Estate to Inventory

  6. Edit Account

  7. Delete Account

  8. View Report of Receipt of Assets in Initial Inventory

  9. Received Accrued Dividend

  10. Payment of Expense (Principal/Income Allocated)

  11. Purchased Stock

  12. Received Cash Dividend

  13. Sold Stock

  14. Bank Transfer (Asset Purchased Method)

  15. Bank Transfer (Receipt/Disbursement Method)

  16. Principal to Income Transfer (Asset Purchased Method)

  17. Principal to Income Transfer (Receipt/Disbursement Method)

  18. Distribution of Noncash Asset

  19. Distribution of Cash Asset

  20. Edit Transaction

  21. Delete Transaction

  22. Record Property Sale Closing Statement