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TotalTrust is an uncomplicated, comprehensive accounting system for Windows that allows you to produce financial reports issued by fiduciaries for estates, trusts, and guardianships.


TotalTrust, basic version

Our standard system that provides reporting for National Fiduciary Accounting Standards, Charges and Credits, State of Florida, Capital Gains/Losses and more.


TotalTrust with Custom Reports

TotalTrust offers greater flexibility in reporting. Define your report in the custom reports feature. Save report templates for continuing use.


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Cash Receipts Journal Form Screenshot   Standard Features


TotalTrust supports the National Fiduciary Accounting Standards which is accepted by many jurisdictions and produces standard probate accountings for Florida fiduciaries.

The TotalTrust system tracks fiduciary income and principal through the use of journal like input forms. The following forms comprise the main input system:

Initial/Supplemental Inventory - add and edit the assets.

Cash Receipts - record cash receipts transactions.

Cash Disbursements - record cash disbursement transactions.

Non-Cash Transactions - record stock dividends, splits, exchanges etc.

General Journal - record other transactions.

Market Values - input market values for assets.

Adjust Carrying Value - adjust carrying value for inventory assets.

Accounts Editor - edit account and asset data and add certain

And more.


The input forms are use to record the fiduciary assets and transactions. TotalTrust then calculates and produces the reports for submission to applicable jurisdictions and beneficiaries.

Features include:

Built-in guides for most transaction types.

Split transactions.

Context-sensitive help for each user interface item.

Capital gains and losses and lot tracking (including cost basis).

National Fiduciary Accounting Standards reports.

Florida reports for estates and guardianships.

Charges and Credits Format. An accounting format in combined principal and income form. A separated principal and income format will be offered in a future release.

For other reports, see Custom Reports below.

Export report data for use by spreadsheet, word processor, or data
base applications.

Web Update service.

And more.

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Add Custom Reports and Letters 

Custom Reports - combine the accounting information with customized reports. Use our spreadsheet-style editor to design and format your reports.

If you have been unable to find software support for your report format, TotalTrust is the solution. Design, format and take control of your product.

Custom Letters - use client variables to create customized, personalized letters and text reports/forms.