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How do I record a cash deposit?

  1. Choose Transactions menu > Cash Receipts to display the Cash Receipts Form. On the Cash Receipts Form:
  1. Date field -- type the date of the transaction.

  2. Depository Account selection box -- select the account to which the funds were deposited.

  3. Amount of Deposit field -- type the total amount deposited.

  4. Classify As selection box -- select the nature of the deposit.

  5. Category and Name selection boxes -- select the asset or account category and name to which this deposit pertains. The selection in step 5 guides you to the appropriate selections. If you select a stock or bond category, the Number of Units and Unit Value fields are enabled.

  6. Amount field -- type a dollar amount for this deposit transaction. Individual amounts may be more or less than the Amount of Deposit in Step 4.

  7. Description field -- type a description for this disbursement transaction.

  8. Click the Accept button when the input for this individual deposit transaction is complete.

  9. Click the Done button when the input for the entire entry is complete and the entry balances.


If more than one individual deposit transaction comprises this entry, repeat Steps 5 - 9 until the sum of the individual transactions equals the total Amount of Deposit (Step 4) and the entry balances. Refer to the SUM= Indicator in the Status Bar for balancing information.

In order to access the Cash Receipts Form, you must first have at least one Depository Account in the current active file.




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