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What is TotalTrust?

TotalTrust is an accounting software system for use by attorneys, accountants, fiduciaries and other professionals serving estate, trust and guardianship clients. Its creation was initiated by an accountant who saw a need in his practice for an accounting software system that would produce fiduciary reports in a visual way with an accountant’s approach.

It was designed for the primary purpose of aiding the user in complying with applicable laws and standards. The design is kept simple and intuitive. The price is moderate.

A basic understanding of accounting is advisable but not required. The user should have an understanding of the concept of Fiduciary Income and Principal and the relative rights of the beneficiaries to which the fiduciary is reporting.

The TotalTrust system is organized as three main processes. The processes are (1) Account creation and maintenance, (2) Transaction classification and recording, and (3) Reports selection and printing.



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